Why your Tempe pet sitter thinks you should spay/neuter your pets

Why your Tempe pet sitter thinks you should spay/neuter your pets

cat black ginger collar Critter Caretakers Pet Services Why your Tempe pet sitter thinks you should spay/neuter your pets

I grew up watching Price is Right (nothing like dating yourself…) and always remember the show ending with Bob Barker signing off saying, “And don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!” I never understood why he said it every show. And why THAT message?

Well now that I’m older (ahem, I’m not telling you how old…) I finally understand. I’ve always chosen to spay or neuter my pets. I believe it is a part of responsible pet ownership. While we realize it is a personal decision, we’d like to share with you some of the reasons as your pet sitters in Tempe, we really believe it is a very important part of being  your pet’s guardian. Here are the reasons for choosing to spay or neuter:


In 2012, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, the largest open intake shelter in Arizona, euthanized over 41,000 animals.  Yes, you read that right: 41,000!  The Arizona Humane Society euthanized over 22, 000 animals in 2012.  These 2 shelters alone intake hundreds of animals each day with limited space to do so.  Arizona has a massive pet overpopulation problem, and spaying and neutering will end the needless deaths of thousands of unwanted animals in shelters. Even “just one litter” is too much.   If you feel ‘it’s not that big a deal’, please go visit the county shelter where some of these pets are literally wasting away emotionally in the shelter.

Curbing Behavior Problems

Ever had your dog jump the fence and wander the neighborhood?  Has your cat ever “marked” his territory in your house?  Altering your furry friend can help stop these bad behaviors!  Spaying and neutering curbs that desire to go hunting for a mate that can cause your pooch to dig out under the fence. Once fixed, your cat may stop yowling when in heat if female, fighting, and spraying if male.  Even more importantly, aggressive behavior may subside once a male dog or cat is neutered.  

Prevent Future Medical Problems

Spaying prevents uterine cancer in females and testicular cancer in males.  Since it also reduces the urge to roam, animals are less likely to get into fights with others, get hit by cars, etc.  While it helps keep your pet healthier, altering doesn’t change their personality or protective instincts.  Plus you don’t have to clean up after your female dog in heat or be as concerned about your male dog mounting things or people or lifting his leg to mark.  It can be done at only 8 weeks of age, and puppies and kittens recover remarkably fast.  Most don’t even realize anything happened and are back to playing and romping the next day!  Adult animals have a more difficult recovery from surgery, so it’s best to do this early on.

Your Tempe pet sitters have been involved in the animal rescue community and seen firsthand the pet overpopulation problem.  It truly breaks our hearts! Getting your pet fixed is much more cost-effective than you think.  For low-cost spay/neuter resources, please visit http://www.adlaz.org/content/spay-neuter-programs

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