The Ridiculous Things We Do With Your Pets When You Aren’t There…


OK I admit it. We abso-stinking-lutely LOVE our jobs. I mean LOVE IT!!! Some days we can’t believe how lucky we are to be a Mesa pet sitter!!! But what you don’t know are all the silly things we do when we pet sit for you. Sometimes we don’t put them in our notes, because well, they’re silly. Occasionally we put them in our notes, but you know we have a dignified reputation to protect and all that. Oh forget it…we’re going to spill the beans and tell you the silly things we do:

1)  Dance with your pets if you leave a radio on. Yup, many dog limbs have been gently lifted to shake our stuff with. Sometimes you just gotta dance!

2)  We make paper wads for your cats to play with if we think they like them, ‘sproing’ them across tile floors and dig them out from under stoves and couches so the fun can continue.

3)  Bark & howl conversations with your dogs. Yes we bark and howl at your dogs; we have lengthy dog conversations and discuss all kinds of interesting dog things, like…what exactly does a good butt smell like.

4)  We will wolf whistle, sing and tweet away to your birds. We love to see their dilating eyes, which means we know they love it, too!

5)  Running around in the backyard to let dogs chase us is completely not out of the question.

6)  Buy things like peacock feathers and ribbons to bring with to your cat’s visit. I mean, who *doesn’t*  like a good peacock feather for entertainment?

7)  Pull your dogs and cats on to our laps for full body massages. If they’re not a lap dog we’ll sit on the floor with them and give them a good massage. Sleepy eyed bliss is a great motivator for continued massages.


8)  We make funny faces at your dog if we think they’ll find it entertaining. (no one said we weren’t crazy…you were warned.)

9)  We talk to your pets almost the entire time we visit them. In fact, we say the words, I know, I know…at least twice per visit; so they know we’re listening!

10) Roll on the floor and make play bow gestures to your dog to let them know…it’s ON. It’s go time, go getcher’ toys!!

So if you have cameras in your house, all we ask is that you take pity on us crazy pet sitters in Mesa. You see we can’t help ourselves; we LOVE our job!



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