Mesa Pet Sitter Provides Warning About Purina Beneful Dog Food


We all like to think that we’re taking the best care of our pets that we possibly can. Of course we want our beloved pets with us for years and years. So we strive to feed them what we believe is in their best interest nutritionally. That isn’t always the case though. At times when we think we’re doing our dogs a service in this regard, it can sometimes prove to be a disservice for their long term health.

Many of us have heard of the warnings against any Jerky Dog Treat products made in China, but today I’d like to share with you another, more dire warning. Treats are fed occasionally as, well, a treat, but for some people we are essentially feeding our dogs something even more harmful once, sometimes twice, a day. In some cases these feedings lead to a dog’s death!

I ran across this information on Purina’s Beneful dog food and felt it important enough to share with you. If you know of anyone who feeds their dogs this brand food, or even if you know others who have dogs, PLEASE share this with them on the off chance they consider purchasing the food in the future.

Below is a link to the over 400 consumer complaints regarding Purina Beneful brand dog food. Complaints range from diarrhea, vomiting, skin problems, liver failure, and in several cases death. I can personally attest to this because my roommate had been feeding his dog this brand; she would often throw up and have diarrhea, so I got online and did some research running across this link. Even if your dog has been eating this dog food with little or no perceived ill effects, imagine what it is doing to their bodies over time. I strongly encourage you to switch foods immediately; we threw the bag of food out right away. Our dog has been feeling much better since switching: no vomiting or diarrhea issues.

We want our furry best friends with us for as many years as possible. As our pet’s guardians, providing them with the ultimate in dog nutrition is our responsibility. Please let me know what you think below.


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